Split with Spitting Earth


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released March 27, 2014

split with spitting earth (spittingfuckingearth.bandcamp.com)

max vocals he/him
ashe guitar she/her
mikey drums he/him

Recorded and mastered by Will at Dead Air Studios



all rights reserved


PYKA Middletown, Connecticut

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Track Name: Guide
palms on my chest my bodys not your playground,
hand on my back, this is mine. ask before you touch me,
leave my body alone this place is not your own
pull ease press. imprint guide, smooth, squeezed
Track Name: Spill
pulling at my loose skin of course it never left,
placing it next to contained bodies, always wider, fuller.
hoping expecting to be smaller has left me drained.
reverse this strain spill over my edges gain more presence
spill past these edges
gain my presence watching my body reach past its expectations
Track Name: Reuptake
massive campaign exporting overseas whitened/global north conceptions of disease
value-free science, release, reuptake, that's all you do, it's out of your hands.
you had many choices, you actively helped them, selling to glaxosmithkline,
your fading compassion your labor and mind
Track Name: No Jerks. Ever
lots of shitty people being jerks, devaluing you, exhale bullshit inhale good shit ;)
expel them, pass them, everyone deserves space
thats not antagonistic to them
structural inequity, trauma, fear make this hard
but when u can find people that support and care for you,
forget the dorks, no jerks. ever!
Track Name: Learn
the urge to teach. the need to know,
the need to forget. the lapses in sets
marginalized people don't exist for your
education, but acting in solidarity
means educating when u arnt implicated.
it's easy to throw up our hands
dismiss "backwards people" as not worth
"our" time calling out is not always glam
meet people where they are, intervene
Track Name: Turn Away
slacken. looser. hands break forget to flex
shipwrecked when i lose sight of femme won't
fold myself into convenient hardness less need to flex against other bodies
there is no promise and only loss in rejection. false horizons stormy turn away